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Making a sparkling wine with wild blueberries is accomplished in six steps: primary fermentation, clarification, tirage bottling, disgorging, closing, and labeling. Large scale production requires automation but making a few thousand bottles is possible with very little specialized equipment: a pump, press, gravity filler, crown capper, and a disgorging key. Total equipment costs should fall between $5,000 and $15,000 for a minimal set-up.

Why make a sparkling wine? Wild blueberries, with their moderate sugar (~12  Brix), good natural acidity, and soft tannin, make a base wine that is more like a sparkling wine than a still red wine, despite the color. Sparkling wine, using only the single ingredient of wild blueberries, naturally aligns with the composition of the berry.

Wild Blueberry Sparkling Winemaking Manual

Wild Blueberry Sparkling Wine Winemaking Manual
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