The Maine Wild Blueberry Wine Alliance

promotes the growth of our state's wild blueberry wine industry.


We are Craft Drink Makers and Growers

and other Mainers who love our state, our wild blueberries, and the local craft drinks culture.


Bubbly, Pure Wild Blueberry Craft Drinks

will be an iconic part of Maine's food and drinks culture–along with the great local ciders, wild beers, mead, and other "alternative" drinks that are part of Maine culture today. 


Natural, Native, and Sustainable -

these wild blue drinks offer a value-added future for wild blueberry farming families who struggle to compete in the global market.


We can build a Maine wild blueberry wine industry

based on best practices from the worlds of alternative drinks like natural wine, craft cider, wild beers and others. 


What's Needed:

a critical mass of producers, suppliers, distributors and services needed to support the growth of an industry at scale.


The Barrens of Mid-Coast and Downeast Maine

are the great wild blueberry producing lands of the State, yielding incredible fruit of varied character. 


The Greater Portland area,

with its superlative food and drink reputation, remains the market anchor. 


The Maine Wild Blueberry Wine Industry

is growing and now is the time to build infrastructure, export out of state, and spread the word in ways that can grow into a multi-million dollar market over the next ten years.

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