Making a sparkling wine with wild blueberries is accomplished in six steps: primary fermentation, clarification, tirage bottling, disgorging, closing, and labeling. Large scale production requires automation but making a few thousand bottles is possible with very little specialized equipment: a pump, press, gravity filler, crown capper, and a disgorging key. Total equipment costs should fall between $5,000 and $15,000 for a minimal set-up.

Why make a sparkling wine? Wild blueberries, with their moderate sugar (~12  Brix), good natural acidity, and soft tannin, make a base wine that is more like a sparkling wine than a still red wine, despite the color. Sparkling wine, using only the single ingredient of wild blueberries, naturally aligns with the composition of the berry.

IRS – Employer Identification Number
TTB – Basic Permit
TTB – Bonded Winery Registration
TTB – Certificate of Label Approval
FDA – Food Facility Registration

Department of the Secretary of State – Entity Incorporation
Department of Agriculture – Food and Fuel License
Bureau of Alcoholic BeveragesSmall Winery Liquor License
Bureau of Alcoholic BeveragesLabel Registration
Bureau of Alcoholic BeveragesExcise Tax
Department of Environmental Protection – Beverage container registration
Maine Revenue Service – Sales Tax Registration
Department of Labor – Unemployment Insurance and Income Tax Withholding

Local (requirements vary by locality)
Waste water processing
Certificate of Operation
Business License

Licensing a winery in Maine requires several months of planning. The Department of Agriculture Food and Fuel License requires an inspection with rigorous attention to food-borne pathogen sanitation standard

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TTB COLA Wine Label Requirements link

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